One new JEL 200-II 110V-60Hz Test Screening Machine.

One new JEL 200-II 110V-60Hz Test Screening Machine.


Stainless steel bottom 200 x 25mm high and 200 x 50mm high and one stainlesss steel cover.
Set of six test sieves (10, 5, 3 15, 2, 0.5) - all 25mm high - complies with ISO 3310 




CPST400H is a cigarette pack seal tester originally manufactured by FIDUS in the US. They are set-up and refurbished by an experienced instrument technician who is offering a 30 day limited warranty. Service / parts can be provided later if required.

All are equipped with the automatic 10-pack hopper. They are supplied with power cord, air-set / regulator with airline, ready to use, an electronic manual and a set of two calibration standards - all tested.

They don't look great but work well, particularly to verify wrapping machine (seam / fold) sealing.

A new pack seal tester is around USD30,000.

Email for price. Discount offered for orders for two or more."

A Thwing Albert QC II - universal tensile / strength-testing gauge



The instrument is in as-new condition and is offered with a limited 30-day warranty.

Parts and Service are available from Thwing Albert.


Base unit QCII - 10"

Load cell 10lb and mount

Grips, air grip controller

Operator's manual,

Inquire for price."

M 88


 The instrument is used to test the ends-firmness of cigarettes and fully complies with ISO 3550-1.This is a standard quality test of how well (or not) manufactured cigarettes are packed at their lit-end.
Inquire for price." 

One used FLM model 183B-100E circumference gauge


  With chuck assembly of sufficient range to measure cigars. The following are included:

  • 5mm and 9mm calibration standards (with certificates)
  • An electronic version of the handbook- Sent seperately
  • Power cord

The FLM200 is sold with a one year parts and labor warranty.
The unit is working and set-up correctly and has been tested
Inquire for price. 

OST Pack -Seal Tester


 The OST uses vacuum to indicate cigarette pack overwrap seal by measuring air-flow. Results are displayed digitally and the lower the number the better the pack-seal.
All OST have been tested and are working. There are several for sale at low prices.
Ask for a quote.